Our Mission, Vision & Values


We are a community centred inclusive organisation which aims to promote Gaelic Games and provide facilities to meet the social and physical needs of our members. 


Promote the development and playing of Gaelic Games in our Community, be a uniting force in the Parish, encourage the participation of all sectors of our Community in our sporting, cultural and social activities. Dedicated to the values we live by, enriching the lives of all our members, families and the communities we serve, encouraging active lifelong participation for all and provide the best facilities. Promote individual development and well-being, strive to enable all our members achieve their full potential in an environment of sportsmanship, inclusiveness, mutual respect and social responsibility. 

Our Club’s ICARE Values 

I - Inclusion: We welcome everybody, all social groups, ages, gender and abilities to take part in club activities to foster a sense of social inclusion. 

C - Community Identity: Community is at the heart of our work, supporting the local community and volunteering groups to enrich the lives of our members. We will foster a clear sense of identity and pride. 

A - Accountability: We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for delivering on our clubs values. We are “one club” and every member will work and support each other on and off the pitch.

R - Respect: We will promote a sense of respect, sportsmanship, fairness and integrity across all club activities at all times. 

E - Excellence: We constantly strive to achieve the highest levels of coaching, training, playing & collaborating in an environment that promotes the health, well-being & safety of all our members. When we do our best, we are more effective in supporting all members & the community we serve. Always strive for excellence and rise to the challenge, but never at the expense of others. Discover how good you can be.

Download a PDF copy of our Mission, Vision and Values here.


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